An Overview of Slot Machine Operations

Although modern-day slot machines have been designed with the same appearance and pattern of the pioneering machine, the operation of today's slot machines have been entirely revised. Presently, the outcome of the combinations is determined by a built-in computer chip, instead of the functioning of the spinning reels.

The computer chips direct the movement of the reels through a fixed stopping point. The reels are regulated by electric currents which are responsible for the stopping of the reels. The electric current controlling the reels can calculate the exact position of stoppage.

While it may appear as though the operation is rigged, the payout is controlled by another programmable chip - the random number generator (RNG). This device is in-charge of ensuring that individual reels assure an equal chance of winning.

The RNG generates about a billion numbers every second. The resulting number at the instance that the player pushes the button to initiate the rotation or pulls the lever is identical to the one that will be determined by a program that synchronizes it with the exact stopping point.

In case of a three-reel slot, the moment the player presses the button signals the RNG to determine the three succeeding numbers in the sequence. To determine the winning combination, the player presses the spin button or pulls the lever in the machine, which then prompts the RNG to take note of the three succeeding numbers that was processed by the machine. The three numbers represents each of the reels, which then calculate the exact stopping point of the reels.

The stops generated by the computer represent the exact point where the reels will stop. Because the exact stop points are much lesser than the 32 computerized stops, the exact stop point represents multiple computerized stops. Combining the outcomes from the three reels will create endless possibilities of winning. This kind of system will greatly benefit players who are playing the current model of slot machines. The random number generator and the built-in microchip dictate a loose or tight slot machine as well as how much will be the payout in the long term. In this manner, people will have no need for calculations because as far as the determination of the outcome is concerned, they will always be statistically accurate.

This is, of course, a far cry from the traditional way that slot machines were being operated. Certainly, these improvements have made the game of slot machines rewarding and exciting.