Double Up That $100 at a Slot Machine Game

Here's a challenge for players interest in playing the slot machine. How can you double your $100 at a slot game?

Here's another thing to surprise you. Slot games are not purely a game of luck. There are systems to learn that can help you improve your chances of winning at slot games.

The first thing to do is find a slot machine game that is considered to be the best machine for you. To find the best machine game you should always look at the payout table. Don't be attracted at a glitzy slot machine or one that has the biggest jackpot. Instead find the one that has the best payout odds.

Here's a simple analogy on slot machine games; big jackpot = relatively small payouts. The loser's of those big jackpot slot machine games are the financers of the big jackpot. So look for a jackpot that's just right.

Also keep away from slot machine games that have a coin range of 2, 5, 10 and 20 with only half of potential payout. Still avoid those slot machine games even if the winnings occur frequently. This is because the winnings might be insufficient compared to the money you put out. The best thing to do to solve this problem is look for a slot machine game that only has a single payline.

You should look for a slot machine game that lets you put one coin in, but has payouts that range similarly on 800 - 80 - 60 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10 -5 and 2. A slot machine game with this payboard indicates that the bulk of the money does not contribute to the jackpot.

To be able to be successful play slot games one should continually have medium payouts in a satisfactory amount of time. By doing so, you won't have to take out extra cash and use your winnings to play more games.

"The more time spent at a slot machine game with only the initial budget, the greater chance one achieves the winning combinations."

Now here is how you can double that $100 from a slot machine game.

Choose a two coin 25 cent machine that has a single payline and a single coin jackpot of $800 and 2 coin jackpot of $1600. This is a slot machine game that is very generous in payouts in the middle range.

Choose the Wild Cherry or Double Diamond slot machine games at land based casinos for this purpose. But keep in mind that the pay tables of Double Diamond and Wild Cherry are not the same.

Stick with single coins until your hundred dollars is wiped out or struck the jackpot of $200 based on 800 quarters. Continue to use the small winnings you have to keep stretching the time span of you playing. The longer time you play the more spins you'll be able to do and have a better chance of achieving that winning combination.

In a nutshell this is one strategy that you can use to double up that $100 at a slot machine game.