Play Slots: Get Easy Wins Even with Small Bets

First time to visit a casino? Are you a bit scared by the sight of dapper men with their stacks of chips?

To play slots, you don't need to master strategies as you would in other casino games like blackjack and poker. You don't need to have skill. You don't need to spend hours practicing or reading tips and strategy basics. This is a plus especially if you are making your first trip to a casino and feeling a bit edgy with the idea of sitting at table games. To play slots, all you need to do is drop coins or bills or tokens, then push some button or pull a lever to set the machine into motion.

Though quite an easy game, slots have continued to thrill thousands of casino players both new and old. What is thrilling when you play slots is that once the machine is set into motion, your luck is also set into motion.

When you play slots, you're always holding to the possibility that the jackpot will come the next spin. The payouts are pretty high, too. Some machine gives as much as 95% payout. But what's more thrilling about slots is their bonus system. True, you won't get hotel accommodations or free ticket to shows as a table player would. Slots bonuses are given in more interesting forms, especially in video slots. Bonus may be granted in the form of free spins. But the more remarkable form of bonus is what is known as "second screen." Here, you get a display of gift-wrapped packages. Every package comes with a bonus payout. You may keep getting a bonus until you open the package with a "pooper."

You can play slots in any of the two types of slot machines: reel slot machine and video slot machine.

To play slots on a reel machine, all you need to do is put coins or bills into the coin slot. How much you have put in will show on the credit meter. If you win, this will be totaled with your current credit. If you want to make a maximum bet, press the "play max credits" button. To make individual credits, push "play one credit." Then push the "spin reels" button or pull the side handle or lever.

To play slots on a video machine, again, insert coins or bills. Then you press a button for paylines and a button for bets per payline. The maximum number of paylines you can activate vary. Some machines are configured to have 9 paylines; some, as much as 50.

To get your winnings or remaining credits, simply press the "cash out" button. You either get coins or a ticket that shows how much cash you can redeem.

Not enough cash for big bets like baccarat? To play slots, you do not big cash. As much as you can play slots even when you don't have gambling skills or strategies, you can play slots for a penny or a nickel.