However, at first the casinos were somewhat skeptical of the new invention, but they play placed them as onlinecasino attractions anyway. At first they saw the slots as a kind of filler, something that would aid in minimizing the lines at what they saw as the more serious and revenue-bringing games. However, in time the slots became so popular that they started bringing in more and more slot machines, and from then on, the rest is history. Today slots are the most popular games in the casinos and they are steadily growing on popularity. So popular are they, that there are casinos that have thousands upon thousands of slots in a single room, and people come to play them from all over the world. People seem to like to play slots because they are simple and easy to play, and you need not have any previous knowledge of the games before you play. Plus, there are all kinds of prizes that you can win, and all those lights and sounds ensure that you will have a great experience when you play slots. There are two main kinds of slots. There are the regular slots, and there are the progressive slots. In the regular slots you win a prize according to the combination that you get on the slots, or reels. In the progressive slots you can win up to millions of dollars in accumulative prizes.