Video Slot Machines: A Beginner's Guide

There may be numberless variations of video slot machines out there but all of these are played in the same way. The basic knowledge that you must acquire before playing video slot machines are knowing what all the buttons would do and learning how to read the game's payout tables.

Once you know the basics, you will not be having any trouble at all playing any of the video slot machine. Always keep in mind that no matter how you play at the video slot machine, it doesn't affect the outcome results or the payout percentage. If there is a video slot machine that you cannot figure out, asking for assistance from a casino employee is the best thing to do.

Every video slot machine has a number of different buttons with specific functions or purposes. They are located at the front area. Most commonly, there are two rows of buttons with a range of five to seven buttons in every row.

The buttons at the back row of the video slot machine are for the amount of credits that a player will want to bet per payline. The lowest credit is usually on the left and the highest credit is on the right. It can consist of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 credits per line, for example. The red or black gamble feature of a video slot machine game is also often controlled by the buttons at the back row.

The buttons at the front row of the video slot machine consist of the following: bet max button, lines per spin button, cash collect button, and sometimes the help button. The bet max button will bet the maximum number of coins allowed and then starts the game. The lines per spin button will control as to how many lines a player is wagering on a per game basis. The cash collect button will let you take your money from the video slot machine. The help or view payouts button is available in some video slot machines that will display an additional game information on the screen.

The pay table of any video slot machine can be found in one of these three places. On the top front area above the screen, on the lower panel beneath the screen, or on the screen through the view payouts button or help button of the video slot machine.

Before playing any video slot machines, it is very important to spend a minute or two to read and understand the information regarding the payout table. This is very necessary because it contains information about game payouts, bonus features, and the requirements for betting. The max bet to be qualified for the jackpot is also indicated in the payout table at the video slot machine.

This is the simple process that you must go through in playing video slot machines. 1. Comprehend the payout table of each video slot machine game. 2. Put in the coins or bills. 3. Select the credits per line to play. 4. Select the number of lines per spin. 5. Spin the reels. 6. The result is either you win or lose the game. 7. Repeat from step number five. 8. Push the cash collect button to get your money.

Playing with video slot machines is very simple. The games at video slot machines will give you fun and also a chance to be a winner even if you don't have the playing skill.